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Transform your bedroom into a haven with artificial greenery

Décor Guide: Fake Plants for the Bedroom

Are you ready to upgrade your plant game? Are you searching for inspiration to transform your bedroom into a peaceful green haven? Look no further than fake hanging plants indoor and lifelike greenery to make your space more vibrant.

We’ve gathered all the top design tips on adding some botanical magic to your bedroom by styling it with artificial plants.

It’s important to make your bedroom a place to relax. After all, we spend a fair bit of time there – a 2018 study noted that Australians sleep 7 hours on average. But we all know we’ll also retreat to our bedroom just to chill, propped up with a good book, or binge-watching our fave series.

Adding greenery to any space can have a calming effect. It also adds a lot of visual interest, elevates an unused corner, and turns it into a focal point; it brings a touch of nature to your tranquil zone.

Using artificial plants has the added bonus of being able to enjoy your greenery without even having to lift a finger to water or trim it. Faux plants will take care of themselves, never look unloved or forgotten, and never make a mess.

At Designer Plants™, we have the right greenery for every corner, vibe, and interior design theme.

Why not add beautifully crafted fake hanging plants indoors, or choose larger statement pieces, lush ferns, or even pocket-sized succulents?

We’ve got a great range of different plants in various sizes. So let us show you our favourite plant decor ideas for bedrooms.

Fake Hanging Plants indoor for your Bedroom

We’re not sure what it is with bedrooms, but they seem to end up with that forgotten and largely unused space between the bed, the wardrobe, and the door. It’s where we cram the yoga mat, the gym bag, or that pile of magazines we’ve been meaning to leaf through for the last six months.

While we can’t help you with the magazines, we can definitely help to spruce up that awkward space. Corners like these are perfect for bringing trendy fake hanging plants indoors!

We’ve got a fabulous range of artificial ivy, willow leaf, hanging green pearls and more. Many of them already come potted, or you can add your own vibe to your greenery with your favourite pot, macrame plant holder or even jute bag.

Because your artificial plants never need watering and won’t lose their leaves, you won’t have to worry about using a waterproof container!

They’re also lightweight, so they are really easy to hang up in their new spot. Do you have a couple of unused coat hooks lurking around? They are the perfect hookup for smaller hanging baskets.

But don’t go and ban your plants to the dark corners of your room. They will look fab anywhere – whether to maximise floor space, soften the look of a stacked bookshelf, or add height to a space.

You can even add a sprig or two trailing down your headboard.

Plus, artificial hanging plants are great companions to other types of greenery, such as succulents or ferns!

Hanging plant inspiration

Small Fake Plants for Bedroom

Did we mention ferns, the symbol of eternal youth and new beginnings?

Good things often come in small packages, so if you are looking for a pop of colour and a dose of happy vibes, small potted artificial ferns and succulents are what you need.

Compact plants such as the lovely Boston Fern will work well on a small surface such as your bedside table. There’ll still be enough space left for the night lamp, a glass of water, and your cell phone!

These high-quality ferns are UV resistant, so you can safely pop them on a stool or a planter stand by the window. They will not lose their lush green look.

Faux succulents will look stunning on a chest of drawers, shelving, or teamed up with larger, sculptural plants. Group them with your favourite knick-knacks and accessories. They will inject form and colour into a space!

Or how about bringing zen to your bedroom with a stunning orchid? So much easier than a vase of fresh flowers but with the same flower power. You’ll enjoy blooms year-round! No green thumb needed.

Best of all, though, with any artificial plant, you won’t have to worry about allergies or strongly scented flowers. Peaceful and rejuvenating zzzs are guaranteed!

Fake Green Plants for Bedroom ideas

Moving on from the space-saving interior design options, we couldn’t go past one of our all-time favourites, the stunning, artificial Philodendron. With its large glossy leaves and tall height of 140cm,  this one needs some space to shine.

Such a large plant is fantastic for creating your very own jungle corner. It’s a statement plant that will add interest, shape, and height to your room.

Choose a pot or basket that complements the vibe of your bedroom, and add a comfy chill-out chair or plush bean bag. Voila – your green oasis is ready for you!

Another great way to use such a large plant is to divide a room. Do you work from home? Have you carved out a little desk space in your bedroom? Use large artificial shrubs and plants to create a boundary between work and private space.

You’ll have a lovely green outlook when working, and when your work day is over, you can easily hide a messy desk behind stunning foliage.

And if you want to mix it up and shuffle things around, well, artificial plants are all quite lightweight, so they’re much easier to move than your standard bedroom furniture. With a few pulls and pushes and perhaps a new pot or planter box, you’ll be able to transform your bedroom in no time at all.

Bringing nature to your bedroom

Create your own green sanctuary

Greenery will always complete an interior and add personality to a space.

So if you’ve got decor ideas and dreams, the team here at Designer Plants™ will make sure you get the plants to make those dreams come true!

There are lots of options to choose from, so there’s bound to be the right plant in the right size and style that’s perfect for your space.

When selecting your faux greenery, go for sizes and shapes that fit the room. We also recommend choosing a variety of foliage in different shapes and shades of green. It will add depth, layers and interest to your decor and bring a touch of nature indoors.

Of course, we’re here for you if you ever need a little help. Contact our team to get advice or even just a second opinion.

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