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One Agency Green Wall Disks in training centre wall display commercial project

Creating designer charm for One Agency

Green wall disks add life and charm to this training centre


About the client

As a rapidly growing real estate group across Australasia, One Agency has members from all over Australia and New Zealand. The folks at this agency are highly respected figures in the real estate industry, and their focus on impeccable client care speaks volumes about the company as a whole.

Creating a statement that makes the most of a minimal office space

When One Agency began planning the design of their new training and education centre, they knew that the space needed to do justice to the calibre of their team, and exceed the expectations of the real estate agents that will be undertaking seminars and training at the centre.

Starting with a large space and a versatile open plan concept, they wanted to add a decorative element to breathe a little more life into the otherwise minimalist space. Noticing that there were too many blank walls, they knew that the key to this would be to add a decorative element to that empty vertical space.

Which is where Designer Plants® Green Wall Disks came into the picture!

Hand crafted green wall disks make the perfect bespoke option

Designer Plants® Green Wall Disks are the perfect choice for those who want both greenery and art on their walls. A work of art in itself, these incredible wall disks are hand-crafted with a thoughtful combination of artificial plants, stems, and grasses. Each disk (for example White Artificial Green Wall Disc UV Resistant 75cm) is designed and engineered by hand to capture stunningly realistic details of every piece of foliage.

These vibrant wall disks are eye-catching, unique, and appropriate for a wide range of decorating schemes. They are also available in different sizes and finishes – the ones used in this project features either a Fresh White or Onyx Black outer rim. It’s truly luxury greenery at its finest!

More than just a pretty piece of decoration, the Designer Plants® Green Wall Disks feature life-like foliage that are made to last. Easily transported and repurposed whenever required, these disks can instantly elevate any commercial or residential space, creating a designer statement no matter where they’re placed.

Of course, these green wall disks are just one of the many artificial greenery solutions that we offer here at Designer Plants®. We also have vertical garden wall panels, portable hedges, and artificial plants, all of which can transform a space with minimal effort and maintenance.

Green wall disks add life and charm to this training centre

Client brief and result

With a budget of $5000, One Agency has added life and charm to their training and education centre thanks to our Green Wall Disks. More importantly, they’ll be able to enjoy the fresh, verdant greenery for years to come, without the fuss of real life plants.

Our artificial greenery – including these Green Wall Disks – don’t need any watering, trimming, or pest control. They’re also easy to install and move, which means the team at One Agency can redecorate with these gorgeous wall art greenery whenever they’d like!

Realistic, low-maintenance, and high-impact – Designer Plants® Green Wall Disks are truly the perfect statement for any space.

Client: One Agency

Budget: $5000 or less

Product: Green Wall Disks

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