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Artificial plants for your space

Myth: Artificial Plants Have Poor Design

“Artificial plants are badly designed and will always look fake”. To this day, this is one of the most persistent myths that we hear about!

But hold it right there -we are not in the 80s anymore, where flowery Laura Ashley upholstery competed for your attention with the plastic, dust-gathering bouquet on the commode.

As a matter of fact, innovation and technology have come a long way since then. These advances allow us to design realistic artificial plants made with high-quality materials that will keep their colouring and shape for a very long time.

So we figured now is the time to boot this misconception to the curb, examine the facts, and sprinkle some green inspiration into the mix.

In fact, behind transforming your home or garden into a fuss-free green oasis you will love, lies an intricate process of choosing the best design, the suitable materials, and creating a realistic look for each leaf, stem and petal.

We take pride in being up to date with the latest design trends and work with professional installers to make sure your artificial hedge or vertical garden looks absolutely perfect in its new home.

Outdoor space with a variety of plants

How Real Can Artificial Plants Get?

We can all agree on the fact that artificial plants will never be real. They won’t grow or wilt (which is perhaps a bonus depending on whether you have a  green thumb or not).

But that doesn’t mean they can’t look life-like!

Haven’t we all secretly and quietly checked whether there’s water in that pot or wondered which fertiliser helped those orchids flower so beautifully? Only to find out they were high-quality artificial plants such as an artificial green wall disc, that look real?

A couple of criteria are essential to our team when deciding on an artificial plant for the Designer PlantsⓇ collection and getting that perfect look.

Is it the right plant? Is it something that will naturally fit into its surroundings, or would it look completely out of place? Is it a plant you might expect to see in nature?. For example, you will note that we do not have a range of large faux cacti on offer.

What are its look and feel? Does the plant have large glossy or thin small  leaves, and are they naturally upright or cascading down? What’s its typical size? Does it need a sturdy trunk, or is it a dainty shrub? Does it flower?

What materials will achieve the right look? How can we accomplish that life-like appearance without compromising being kind to the environment? At Designer PlantsⓇ, we continue to put a lot of effort into finding the right, high-quality materials. We use recycled and non-toxic, ROHS compliant materials.

What other design aspects do we need to consider? It’s all about imitating nature! The colouring is critical. It is never uniform in a natural plant. There will be smaller and larger leaves in slightly different shapes and shades. Flowers will be in various stages of budding. Did you know that we can even add a slight imperfection to leaves or petals! All these factors create an incredibly realistic-looking artificial plant.

Artificial bush

Criteria For Choosing A Quality Artificial Plant

We’ve set out some aspects our team considers when deciding on which plants to add to the collection. But of course, it is ultimately you, our client, who makes the final decision.

Things that are good for our soul – which are not something we absolutely need, but something we would want in our lives are often bought with the heart. It is a purchase based on a feeling, a connection. And that’s how it should be with artificial plants.

But how do you select a quality artificial plant that will bring you joy for a long time? Whatever you choose, you also want to make sure you get bang for your buck! Here are a few things you’ll want to look out for:

  • The design of the plant. Does it look life-like? How does it look in the light or the shade? Is it the right size and look for your space?
  • The material. What is your plant made of? Is it a high-quality fabric? Is it non-toxic? Is it recyclable? Is it going to be ok outdoors?
  • The warranty. How long is the warranty for, and how can you ensure the plant you’ve chosen looks lush for a long time?
  • The extras. We’re talking about installation services, UV protection, expert advice, and professional reputation.

Indoor green wall

Tips On Styling Artificial Plants

You’ve made your choice and picked your favourite faux plant. Now it’s time for a little inspiration! Let’s put your new purchase in its rightful place and make it look perfect in your space.

And when it comes to placing artificial plants, you’ve got options!

First of all, artificial plants are typically not very heavy, so you can easily move them around and change their position. Even our vertical gardens and green walls come in easy to manage panels.

One of the top trends right now is mixing fake plants with real plants. Creating a green oasis with a combination of natural and faux greenery means you can highlight a seasonal change, add a pop of colour, and easily change the look and feel of your green corner.

For a completely fuss-free and natural look, why not mix in some dried flowers or foliage. Consider gum tree stems, Billy buttons, dried protea, and lotus pods to add form and interest.

Another great way to mix and mingle is to change pots every now and then. Our designer pots come in a range of sizes and colours; we even have a full range of vessels made from recycled materials!.

For more green inspiration and clever ideas, head over to our Lifestyle Hub!

Artificial plants – yay or yuck? Our artificial plants and hedges get the big YAY from us!

A lot of thought and innovation goes into finding the right design and suitable materials for our range of faux plants. And it shows! We offer high-quality, practical options to transform indoor and outdoor spaces into a hassle-free, leafy retreat. And if you are curious about what house plants looked like in the 80s,  here’s your dose of throwback!

Are you ready to transform your home with greenery that adds immediate impact without the fuss and mess?  Then you should seriously consider faux flowers and plants. Contact us if you would like advice on artificial plants for your space.

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