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Artificial Ivy garden wall

Artificial Ivy makes others envy your garden wall

Ivy can be described as “beautiful” and a “pain” in the same sentence. Artificial Ivy is reversing this, making those with real Ivy, envy their stunning artificial garden walls.

Real Ivy is a plant commonly known by some as the “devil garden wall plant”. It has a bad wrap, because it is often seen as a pest for most households due to its sudden growth. This can often lead to it sprouting throughout a garden, at a fast rate. Before you know it, your garden can be covered with ivy.

There are some myths around the Ivy. For example, people say if you grow Ivy on a brick wall, it will crack it and ruin the structure of your house. This isn’t true. The plant isn’t strong enough to create cracks in your wall. That said, it will grow into cracks that are already established by aging walls or unstable surfaces.

There are different types of Ivy. A common species is the “English Ivy” or “Hendera Helix”. There is also the not so friendly poisonous ivy. This plant often grows coloured berries. However, the leaves of the English and Hendera version are also said to be poisonous if ingested. So this plant should be handled with utmost care and be kept away from children and pets.

Artificial Ivy is changing the garden space

Unlike real Ivy, Artificial Ivy is guaranteed to grow only where you want it to. You can control how much you want to add to your home or outdoor space.

In addition, unlike real Ivy, the leaves from Designer Plants are not poisonous and are made from ROHS compliant materials. That said, it is still not good to digest them!

As fake Ivy plants don’t grow out of control, there’s also zero maintenance for you to enjoy with your new garden wall. This means no more pruning, trimming or watering. You can enjoy beautiful greenery all year round.

Fake Ivy garden wall inspiration

Ivy can look great indoor and outdoor. You can use the fake plant to decorate spaces that look bland or to hide aged or damaged walls.

One of our recent clients at Officeworks, wanted to create a space others would enjoy, without the need to maintain it. The result was this grey like wall turning into a lifelike greenery wall. You can see from the picture below, that the wall is now looks full of ‘life’.

Officeworks Melbourne

You can purchase the Ivy from our online store. We currently sell the fake plant for garden walls in an extendable frame, hedge screen or garland vines.

How to remove real Ivy from your garden

If you’re ready to make the move to artificial Ivy and currently have the real kind in your garden, there are a few things you need to know.

Firstly, always wear gloves and protective clothing when removing the plant. In order to ensure you’ve captured every bit, make sure you also cut out the roots.

Take great care with the plants, ensuring that they are not left too close to soil – giving them the potential to grow again. Empty their traces into a green waste bin. You may also like to spray the area with a natural treatment or weed spray to prevent further growth. Be careful not to impact dirt or other plants, if you plan to keep other real plants in this area.

Artificial Ivy is changing the way households and gardeners think about the Ivy plant. Whether you choose real or fake Ivy, be sure to select the right style for your space.

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