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make your own green wall

4 ways you can create your very own green wall

Green walls are the latest trend for home renovators and new display homes. In this weeks blog, we share with you 4 ways to create your very own green wall for your home or business using artificial hedges.

1. The Ivy Look

make your own green wall

This one suits well for old-fashioned homes or brick style walls. The hedges go in one corner or a couple of sections on the wall. The key here is to not overfill your wall with too much green. Otherwise, it will become too busy, and you will lose the beauty of your background with the artificial hedge uplifting the space.

2. The all green wall

Swimming Pool Box Hedge

If you love the look of green plants without the mess or maintenance, then this is perfect for you. Using vertical wall screens, use your artificial garden screens on walls in your backyard or areas needing a little more colour. The green wall is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. You can see an example of a green wall indoor below.

indoor green wall

3. The twist


Everyone loves to do the twist, as does a good green wall. With this one, you can either use a fence, poles or an open ceiling to create your green wall look. By twisting or moving the desired hedge through your open areas, you can secure your hedges and present them in a new fashion.

4. Window

make your own green wall

Using our square hedges you can create a square design or pattern. For example, you could brighten up a bare wall with three hedge sections with equal space, almost like an art gallery. You could also create different styles by cutting the hedges and placing them in a desired or random location. Don’t stop yourself from getting creative.


Creating your green wall can be a fun and memorable experience. These were just four of the many ways you can lay out your artificial hedges and uplift or fill a space needing more green coverage.

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