3 better ways to spend your time than to install artificial hedges

Not all of us want to spend time installing artificial hedges for our home.

For this month’s challenge, we had to find three ways to spend our time whilst the team at Designer Plants installed their artificial hedges all over the garden. This was part of their Melbourne install artificial hedges service.

1. Fly a kite

fly a kite

Go outdoors and fly a kite, remote helicopter or football. By going outside not only will you get some great vitamin B, but you’ll also be using more muscles than what you normally would use from sitting at home.

2. Build your own terrarium

diy terrarium

The terrarium is one of the latest trends in gardening and home design. The sad thing is; they cost a fortune at most gardening shops to buy. The good news, however, they are not that hard to make (click here for the DIY instructions). Best of all the terrarium is almost zero maintenance like your artificial hedges. Look at making a closed/little opening terrarium. These terrariums just need water once a week to a fortnight during summer (winter once a month should do it).

Building your terrarium not only saves you money but is a fun and great project for the school holidays.

3. Get to a gig

find a gig event

Relive those childhood memories and experience something different. If you are looking for an event in your neighbourhood visit Eventbrite for some suggestions. This site is great in finding unique concerts, markets and things to do in your local area.


install artificial hedges service

The boys install your hedges whilst you have all the fun.

So if you are not up for installing hedges DIY style – consider a no obligation quote to get the guys and gals from Designer Plants to do it for you by clicking here