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11 home decorating trends in 2018

Each year ushers in new trends for interior design. This year is no different and in our blog, we will be looking at the interior design trend 2018. This is not to suggest that you must change your home décor in 2018, but maybe you are looking to freshen up some tired rooms and the latest in design may just give you the ideas that you need.

Home decorating trends in 2018

1. Dominating hues

Lavender or lilac in all shades is the new colour of choice – with millennial pink on the wane. Fill your home with soft tones and deep accents. Richer colour palettes bring warmth to your home in all seasons but choose colours that won’t overheat it in the hot Australian summer.

Be careful not to oversaturate rooms with colour, using some white to create a balance will prevent it shrinking and overwhelming a room.

2. Splash kitchens with colour

All white kitchens are no longer to be desired. They are now seen as cold and clinical while something more friendly is desired. Add some colour, not to dominate, but to accent particular areas. Create a feeling of warmth in an area that can reflect your individualised touch is one of the top home decorating trends in 2018.

Back splashes made of tiles with intricate designs will add a feature area that is functional as well as attractive.

home decorating trends in 2018 kitchen coloured

3. Black & white realness

Black on its own or combined with white is still a popular choice to add an air of sophistication to areas in your home. Splash a little colour for added mystique to be part of the interior design trend.

4. Geometric pattern it up

Triangles, squares, and circles. Geometric patterns on cushions, lamps or even walls. It’s a bit of a throwback but certain to brighten up areas of your home. Or they can be subtler as woven designs on wall hangings or tapestries.

Though if you want to choose the most popular, it is circles in 2018 house trends.

5. Faux is in

Artificial plants are still trending and these artificial green wall art disks are no exception. Beautiful on a wall in the home or for table home decor in 2018, these stunning displays will wow your guests in the new year, create conversation in the home and all without the need to maintain or water them. Home decorating trends in 2018 are all about embracing natural beauty, even the faux kind.

interior design trend in 2018 green art wall disks

6. Warm up with metals

Stainless steel is seen as too cold as is anything with a silver tone. Copper has been overdone and this year brass makes a comeback. Brass is warming and ideal as a part of bathrooms and kitchens. Or look for unusual pieces for any room that feature the beauty of brass.

7. Sinks go natural

White or stainless-steel sinks are out. Natural is a strong trend in a number of areas with sinks made from natural stone or granite adding an earthy touch to kitchens and bathrooms.

8. Furniture goes BIG

From minimalist to overstuffed. Warm toned curvy couches that you can sink into for maximum comfort are what you should be buying if you are replacing furniture this year. Oversized is home decor 2018.

9. Blonde is gone

Warm woods in furniture, featured pieces or even bedroom walls. Blonde woods are no longer in, instead, concentrate on deep toned woods that reflect the beauty of the woods within your home.

10. Down to earth

Earthy textures are desirable to match with your wood. Woven baskets, elements that reflect where you live, or other features that help bring nature into your home. Like a breath of fresh air, they add that extra warmth that you may be needing to overhaul a space.

11. Imperfection is perfection

Wabi Sabi, the Japanese concept of imperfection, is taking hold this new year. The imperfect is being adopted as a quirky addition to interior design 2018.

Get inspired

Interior design is a lot of fun if you let it be. It’s about creating spaces that you love to be in, that reflect who you and your family are. Make 2018 your year for making the changes that will help you enjoy your home more.

Get rid of clutter, add some creative storage, change colours and be quirky. Remember, it’s your home and while taking note of trends may be exactly what you want, it may be that you want to head off in a totally opposite direction.

Start with these home decorating trends in 2018 and then make them your own!

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