Life-like Artificial Green Walls & Vertical Gardens, Hedges, Plants & Trees

Designer Plants® is the leading artificial greenery provider for Australian homes and businesses, with the highest quality and life-like greenery like you’ve never seen before.

We don’t compromise on quality, and we continue to deliver innovative artificial greenery including our 100% recyclable green wall range, our UV Resistant vertical gardens, fake plants and our commercial Fire Tested walls.

Don’t settle for second best. Buy high quality and invest in greenery that will stay green all year round.

Green Walls / Hedge Panels

UV Resistant Artificial Green Walls by Designer Plants

Fake Plants / Trees

UV Resistant Artificial Plants high quality Designer Plants

Portable Hedges

Boxwood hedges - boxed hedges artificial greenery

Artificial Ivy Rolls

fake ivy rolls

Green Wall Discs

Artificial green wall disks - green wall disks to decorate your home

Fire Tested Green Walls

Luxury fire tested green walls

Over 7,000 spaces transformed across Australia

Designer Plants Instant Garden Hedges & Vertical Gardens are perfect for homes and businesses. Our beautiful artificial boxwood hedges, outdoor artificial hedges, and instant box hedges look amazingly real, and are designed to perfectly attach to any wall or vertical surface.

No longer do you have to worry about your vertical gardens dying, or your plants wilting come summer time. Designer Plants fake plants and hedges are the perfect solution – artificial plants that look real!

We’re the only company in Australia that specialises in hedge coverings designed specifically for walls and fences. We have a wide range of plants and green walls specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Quality that is second to none, and plants to suit every occasion.

I needed a beautiful green wall for my new dream home. I came across Designer Plants Artificial Boston Ivy green wall and was amazed at its quality and lifelike appearance. It looks absolutely stunning and best of all I’m thrilled it will stay that way without maintenance.

Deborah Hutton

Absolutely thrilled with the white oasis and the way it transformed my salon. I have a chuckle to myself when clients ask me how often I have to water it!

– Dearnne Wood

UV Treated & Tested

Vertical Gardens

Withstand Australian weather.

Fire Tested range

Great for apartments or commercial buildings.

Earth Friendly

No harmful chemicals or toxins.

100% recyclable green walls.